Alexander the Great

We are often told that ego is evil, and ego is bad. To be ‘egotistical’ means:

You are too into yourself and not concerned with the well-being of others. Thus, you are a contemptible person, and you (might) go to hell.

Why do I think ego is good? Let me share:

Ego is you

First and foremost, let us posit the question:

Do you love yourself?

If so, you should love your ego.

If you don’t love yourself, you probably think, “To augment my ego is bad, because I don’t like myself”.

Should you love yourself?

Now the more interesting question:

SHOULD you love yourself?

I think so. Why? If you don’t love yourself (if you despise yourself), you have no will to live. No will to power.

It seems first — the great self-love you have for yourself (and of your ego) is the first step towards becoming the most epic you.


Alexander the Great

What is the final goal?

To become the most hyper-human you can.


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