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Lesson: Focus on yourself, not others.

You are the end-goal.

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Society tells us:

To be into yourself is bad, evil, selfish, and vain. The only virtuous mode of action is to become a maximally-useful utility for others.

That means:

If you are into yourself, you are a despicable human being.

But why this bias?

In praise of being into yourself

The problem:

When we are too focused on the lives of others, we fail to optimize and augment ourselves and our own lives.

This is where things get interesting.

American society tells us not to be into ourselves, but it is okay to be into other people. Thus, it is “ok” to follow celebrity gossip, but “bad” to focus on yourself and promote yourself.

Why is it bad to be into others?

The problem:

When you tie your ego too much into the well-being of others, you will become a slave to them, and you can never become 100% free.

Let us not be too light on this point — your own personal freedom is at stake!

Lesson: Focus on yourself, not others.


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