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Is entitlement a mortal sin?


ENTITLEMENT is seen as bad because it disrupts ‘equality’ in society. The general idea of entitlement is this:

Some humans are born superior than others.

Technically, entitlement is anti-democratic.

But is there a ranking of humans, and should there be a ranking of humans?

My thought

My thought:

We are all born ‘equal’, but it is through our efforts and industry which distinguishes us.

Also, our courage and appetite for risk-taking.

what should we do with entitled people or kids?

There will and always will be entitled people [adults and children]. What are we to do?

First of all, perhaps we should just call them assholes. Perhaps here some sort of shaming might be good.

Secondly, we should be more clear with regulations. For example, if a kid trashes the ground and expects someone to clean up after them, is it the ‘duty’ of the custodian to pickup after them? What is the role of a custodian — to pick up accidental trash? Should custodians also clean up after asshole kids and people?

Third, we should change the culture. The Boy Scouts notion: “Leave the place cleaner than you found it” seems good. Also, let us train our future children to NOT get handouts. Don’t give free stuff to kids. Make them get jobs and work for it.

American society vs the rest of the world?

This is what it comes down to:

In America, we believe in more ‘class equality’ and notions of shared social/public spaces than other parts in the world.

Also in America, we believe in basic notions that even low-class people have certain unalienable rights, and should be treated with respect and decency.

Let the rest of the world do as they desire, but let us shape the culture of America together [anti-entitlement in America].


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