How to Be Productive from Home

Dear friends,

Okay looks like zombie apocalypse mode is fully on. If you’re working from home, here are some ideas to become more productive:

Never run out of inspiration!

How to Be Productive from Home


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I’ve done this before.

  1. Turn off your wifi: ‘Freedom‘ is a great app to TURN OFF YOUR WIFI for certain periods of time. For example, you can say: “Freedom, turn off all wifi on my laptop for the next 2 hours” and you literally cannot access your internet for the next 2 hours [even if you restart your computer]. Ultimate life hack to be more productive is to TURN OFF YOUR WIFI and NOT get distracted by the internet!
  2. Get on the ground and do max rep pushups: For a fun game, get on the ground and see how many pushups you can do in one go. Or bodyweight squats. Or crunches. When you get your hormones going, you will have more inspiration to actually work.
  3. Standing desk: I have a ghetto standing desk at home. I put a plastic box and Bounty paper towels on top of my kitchen counter, then put my laptop on top of it. When you stand and use the computer, you’re more productive. More activation of your legs!
  4. Uninstall all apps from your phone, and use your phone to make phone calls and text message. Use your phone to make phone calls and text message. If your parents are sick, they will call or text you. Uninstall Facebook, Reddit, Netflix, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All this will distract you.
  5. Walk around the block [if possible]. Or open the window and get fresh air. Movement to our legs and fresh air is good for creative productivity.
  6. Intermittent fasting: If you’re not leaving your home, practice intermittent fasting. No breakfast or lunch, only dinner. Break your fast at around 6pm-8pm. During the day only drink black coffee and water.
  7. Call a friend or family member: To break up the day, call a friend or family member! Social interaction via the phone is one of the best ways to re-spark your motivation!
  8. Play music on speakers: No headphones. Blast your music, listen to the bass. Bass activates your heart rhythm– which will pump you up and get you going!
  9. Have (another) cup of black coffee.
  10. Take a nap. If you’re exhausted, you can FINALLY take a nap during ‘working hours’. The ultimate energy and life hack.

Shit is a bit cray cray right now, but think to yourself:

How can I use this opportunity (stuck at home all day) to build my side hustle, get into shape, build muscle, lose fat, and focus?

This chance can be yours to truly thrive!



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