My Life Hacks to Become Stronger, More Motivated, and More Creatively Productive


Via negativa

Some ideas:

  1. Keep my smartphone off: No interruptions. More focus. More ability to think creative thoughts. And less interruption when creating.
  2. Don’t use email. I’ve become 100000x more creatively productive as a result.


  1. When I got a good idea, write the title of the blog post, an intro sentence, a featured image, and hit ‘Publish’. Then start writing the blog post, and click ‘update’ as I go along.


  1. Workout everyday at least once a day.
  2. Only single reps. The purpose of every workout session: strive to increase my ‘one rep max’ by 5 pounds. Powerlifting style.
  3. Intermittent fasting BEFORE lifting. No protein powder, supplements, or nonsense.


  1. Street vlogging: Walk in the streets and vlog. Best setup for vlogging is Panasonic/Lumix.
  2. Publish all your ideas. No selection bias. Don’t even strive to make it ‘good’. Just strive to be honest, direct, and real.


My ghetto standing desk setup at home.
My ghetto standing desk setup at home.
  1. Standing desk. For myself, I put a plastic bin and two paper towels to prop up my laptop.
  2. For creative ideation (to come up with creative ideas), go on a walk around the block!