ERIC KIM deadlift gif 455 sumo - normal

Physiology Philosophy

Physiology — dealing with growth, and natural organisms.

Let me share my personal philosophy on physiology, and why I am so passionate about it.

How can we strengthen and grow the human body?

This is very important — learning how to grow and strengthen the human body.

Why the body? There is a trillion times more intelligence in the body than the mind. And where do our thoughts and ideas come from? Not our brain — our body.

ERIC KIM deadlift gif 455 sumo - normal


When it deals with physiology, we must consider:

How do we human organisms become stronger, more muscular, and more powerful through the foods we eat?

There is still so much misconception about food, nutrition, and diet it is ridiculous. Let me share:

Not all calories are alike.

Calorie — the root is Latin “calor“, which means heat. So in some sense, food is what heats up our body, and gives us the energy to live.

Now — the question I am curious about:

Is there a superior form of nutrition for our bodies (and minds) to maximally thrive?

Current theory:

The optimal diet is high in meats and bitter greens (the more bitter, the better).


My theory:

The more you strengthen the body, the more you (also) strengthen your mind!

How do we strengthen our body? We must attempt difficult stresses on our body (hormesis).

1% weekly attempts

My simple approach has been this:

Increase the difficulty of whatever you do (just by 1%) every week.

For example, in my powerlifting, all I try to do is this:

Add 2.5 pounds (more) to each side of the bar every week.

For example, let us say I deadlifted 455 pounds last week. Then this week I add a 2.5 pounder on each side of the bar, and attempt 460 pounds (for one rep). If I fail, it ain’t no biggie. Take a few days off, eat more meat, then try again. And keep trying until I succeed!

The goal

The goal of physiology (from a human perspective):

Maximize physical growth for humans