What are you *really* afraid of?

We all seem like we’re currently in a state of pandemonium. But what are we really afraid of?

Are we fearful of death, the pain preceding death, or the pain accompanying death?

Question — what are you really afraid of?

Are you afraid of just pain in general? Are you afraid of dying? Are you afraid of those you love dying?

If you’re afraid of dying, what is your actual practical likelihood of dying?

Why do you fear death?

Then the next question:

*WHY* do you fear death?

Of course it is in our DNA to desire to NOT want to die. We want to live. Most of us desire to live at all costs.

But what is it exactly about death that we fear?

Once you’re dead, you feel no pain.

The funny thing with death:

Once you’re dead, you no longer feel pain.

Perhaps are we afraid of life after death? Are we afraid of going to hell?

But if you don’t believe in heaven and hell, or an afterlife, or reincarnation or whatever — then what do you really fear about death? Technically if you’re an atheist or you don’t believe in God [or God(s)], you shouldn’t be fearful of death from a rational perspective.

Is it fear of the unknown?

Dying (or being dead) is the same as never being born


What is the feeling of death? The same feeling of never being born.

What is the pain of never being born? Nothing!

Thus there is no pain associated with death. There might be pain pre-ceding your death, but not always.

If you feel pain before your death, technically the pain stops once you’re dead.

If you don’t fear death (or the pain associated with death), do you truly have anything to be afraid of?

It makes sense to make precautions. To not do anything stupid which actually might lead to permanent disfigurement or a ‘traumatic’ death. For example, best to NOT text while driving, ride a motorcycle, ride a bicycle in a city, etc.

But once we’ve conquered no longer fearing the pain of death, or the non-existence AFTER we die… what do we have to fear?




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