How to Grow Your Muscles

Growth is key. How to grow our muscles? Some thoughts:

Strength training

ERIC KIM deadlift gif 455 sumo - normal

The goal is this:

Train your muscles by adding epic difficulty and resistance to your muscles.

For example, powerlifting. Or lift a heavy-ass weight as many times as you can. It has to be insanely hard for your muscles to grow.

Moderate weight for max reps

Another idea:

Take a moderately heavy weight and just lift it as many times as you can until you’re about to collapse.

Bodyweight exercises

Pushups. One handed pushups. Chin-ups. Progression to a planche or a pseudo-planche (seen above).

Eat lots of meat

Fatty meat — pork belly baked.

Eat lots of fatty meat. Pork belly, ground beef, ground pork. Fatty chicken.

The secret is this:

The fattier the meat, the more saturated fat, the better.

Saturated fat and cholesterol is good for us. It increases our testosterone production, and helps us augment our muscles.

Eat lots of meat.

Flex for fun

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