Creative act of play


In uncertain times, best to take an insanely epic risk, and become an entrepreneur.

Thrive in today’s brave new world.

To thrive in today’s brave new world:

  1. Make your own website ( and
  2. Start making videos and upload to YouTube. Link back to your website.
  3. Start sharing your art, thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Don’t compromise, censor yourself, etc. Talk like you do in real life.

(Bounded) risk taking

Of course you don’t want to become homeless. Now you can work from home, start your website and your own “sole proprietorship” business now! Also the goal isn’t to make a billion dollar company. The goal is to make enough money from being self-employed to pay rent, meat, and coffee.

Put yourself out there!

Start blogging about whatever you’re interested in. Start an email newsletter. Keep posting, publishing, and uploading.

Don’t strive to be “good”. Strive to be honest. Strive to have fun!

What’s the goal?

The goal is to NOT have a boss, to NOT be employed, to NOT get a regular paycheck. The goal is for you to become 100% independent. The goal is to be independent, have freedom, and do with your free time whatever you want!

A life with more risk is more fun!

More risk, more reward. Greater courage, greater fates!