Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

What is the best life and lifestyle?

One which requires the minimum amount of maintenance, care, stress, and bother.

Why I no longer want a Lambo

Lamborghinis are cool, and so are Porsches and all these other cars. But what is the biggest pain? Having to maintain them. Having to replace the old rusty parts, having to fix them, having to pump gas into them, and so forth. Now moving forward, my new ideal:

Optimize my life in order to have the LEAST amount of maintenance, worry, care, and stress possible.

For example, the best car is no car. Having the luxury to walk everywhere or Uber everywhere is the apex of luxury. No car payments, no car insurance, no going to the DMV to register your car, to renew your car, to update the plates, blah blah blah. The best:

Turn your body into a beastly Lambo.

Why I never want to own a home

Holy moly — I just chatted with one of my friends who had to re-tile his house and fix stuff — it sounded like a fucking huge pain in the ass.

We are often suckered by society to want to buy a house. But we never think about the maintenance we gotta do, all the trips to Home Depot, plumbing going wrong, having to deal with contractors, having shit break, paying taxes on your home, etc. All of that stress ain’t personally worth it to me. I far prefer my “plug and play” living situation right now — 300 square foot apartment, minimal “luxury” style, dryer-and-washer in-unit (life-saver), and not having to worry about anything. And if something breaks, putting in a simple online ‘work order’ to get maintenance to fix it (like dorm living, or hotel living).

Why I don’t like owning (a lot) of stuff

Another thing I realized after living nomadically and moving every year or so:

The downside of buying and owning something — sooner or later you’re gonna have to get rid of it somehow.

For example, you buy furniture. When you move, you gotta either sell it, trash it, or give it away. All of these decisions take stress.

Same goes with buying electronics. Eventually all the stuff and gadgets we buy will take up space, require maintenance and updates, require charging, and so forth. So now my philosophy is more towards a ‘minimum viable technology’ or ‘minimum viable equipment’ — own the extremely least amount of stuff possible necessary for you to do your job. This will lead to less headache and stress down the road.

Conclusion: Less maintenance, more living

Own less stuff, or do less stuff which requires tedious maintenance for you. The goal: free up as much time in your schedule (and add slack to your schedule) in order to maximize what you are truly passionate about in life.


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