What should I do with my life once I retire and am financially and location independent?

For many of us, we strive to retire, become “financially independent” and “location independent”. It seems the modern form of success is to become a “digital nomad”.

But once you achieve all this — then what?


Building architecture

It seems the only logical way to live is to have “fun”— to play, make stuff, to direct your self-evolution and self-development, to embark on more adventures, and to always push yourself outside of your comfort zone. To only pursue things which you care about and what you’re curious about — not letting money be your guide or shackle.


But how to practically live?

Think much, write much, read much

downtown la street photography
Downtown LA, 2019 #ricohgriii #21mm

I like to think that the ultimate end is to become an artist-writer-photographer-philosopher. To write much (on your own blog), to photograph much, to publish a lot, and share your thoughts with others. And for recovery, lift weights at the gym (deadlift), go on long walks, converse with loved ones, and read great literature or philosophy.

And once again a very practical way to feel like your life is more meaningful or impactful:

Build your own platform (your own blog) and share all your thoughts, ideas, and artworks there!

To have direct access to your followers, build your own email newsletter (I use mailchimp.com).

Entrepreneurship born out of superabundance

Also — pursue entrepreneurial passions or interests of yours, without having money be the final end or motive. Build and create things, because you truly desire to see them become manifested in the world, because you feel you can help empower humanity, and because it is fun and interesting to you!


It seems to get to this point, these are the essentials:

  1. Become self employed (don’t have a 9-5 job). No boss.
  2. Live extremely frugally: Save up money in the bank, and realize that joy comes from creating, not consuming. Producerism.
  3. Have your own platform to publish and share your thoughts and ideas on. Not Facebook or Instagram.
  4. Have the courage, insight, and passion to have things to pursue, create, and share.
  5. Physical strength, mental strength, artistic strength.
  6. Learn to have fun!