My Vision of Producerism

I have a bold new vision of the future:

A world in which we derive happiness and meaning from creating and producing things (artwork), instead of striving to buy, possess, or consume.

Producing is more fun than possessing

I have a lot of possessions. However this is what I can say:

The joy of producing new things is 100000x more interesting and enjoyable than simply possessing things.

We often fantasize:

“If I only bought or possessed [x] I would be so happy!”

This is almost never true. This is what psychologists call “affective forecasting”; we over-forecast (predict) that a certain change in our lifestyle, surroundings, possessions, or money will have a great impact on our “affect” (how we feel).

For example you dream of buying that Porsche, but you still are stuck in traffic. You dream of camera [x], but after you get it you still aren’t satisfied with your photos. You want [x] amount of money in your bank account, and when you finally get it– it doesn’t really change your mood or happiness much.

When in doubt, make more.

So what is the solution?

My solution:

Derive your personal happiness from the act of creation!