How Should You Live Your Life after You Retire?

Once you’ve retired (no longer need to do toilsome labor in order to pay your rent and groceries), what is the “optimal” (best) way to live your life?

Maximizing your creative power and expression

One answer I have thus far:

Devote all of your waking hours and personal power to maximize your art creation!

Another idea:

Optimize your life so when you feel maximally powerful all the time. Avoid boredom. Build physical strength and muscle, and constantly challenge your creative powers.

Philosophy x Art

Become an artist philosopher. Create your own artwork, and philosophize and write about aesthetics, beauty, and what you believe is the value of art. Also pursue entrepreneurial ventures which personally interest you, and ventures which you care about!

Think of yourself as already retired, and think backwards

You don’t need much money to retire, if your expenses are super low. You can also live in more affordable places like Hanoi, Saigon, or Mexico City (my favorites).

Even now at age 31, I feel retired. I earn money faster than I spend money (my expenses are super low, I have no debt, I don’t eat breakfast or lunch, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t do drugs). I only spend money on coffee and eggs.

If you got a digital camera (RICOH GR III) and a laptop or iPad, what else do you need for artistic creation? Not much, just wifi.

Extreme abundance mindset

Live your life like you had $3 million in the bank with tiny expenses, and a frugal and free lifestyle. If so, what would you do with all your time, attention, focus, and human metabolism?

The answer is for you to decide!