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Why Education?

What does it mean to educate? To lead, guide, and drive (‘ducere‘ in Latin).

What is the end-game of education?

Why Education?

Proto-Indo-European is “dewk-“, which means to pull, draw, and lead.

As a teacher and educator, you’re a leader, guide, and a shining paragon of virtue to exhibit to your students.

What does it mean to ‘teach’?

To teach comes from the Proto-Indo-Euorpean word “deyk-” which means “to point out“. Thus perhaps to teach is to simply point out things of interest to your students, and to guide them.

And what is a student? A student is someone who decides to devote themselves to a certain thing. And funny enough, the word “study” comes from the notion of “to push, to hit” — (s)tew- in Proto-Indo-European.

Turbocharge the minds of others and your students

Education as a Turbocharger for the Mind

The goal of education:

Not to get your students to think like you, but to think like themselves, by themselves, and to use themselves as an instrument for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.




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