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To become more intelligent, decide what to become ignorant towards.

A via-negative approach to knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence

For myself, I’ve become wiser in terms of REMOVING nonsense or REMOVING crap from my mind.

Also when it comes to bravery and courage, it isn’t about becoming “more courageous”, it is about booming LESS TIMID and LESS COWARDLY.

What is intelligence?

To me intelligence is this:

To be able to decide and choose what is most beneficial to you.

Thus when it comes to ignorance:

Intelligent ignorance is to intentionally IGNORE (ig+nosco) what you don’t consider pertinent directly to your own real-life.

selfie ERIC kim

You decide.

You decide what you consider pertinent and important in your life and what isn’t. Simple suggestions:

  1. Focus on local news, not national or international news.
  2. Let the news find you [stop reading the news]. Better yet, talk to real people.
  3. The goal of life isn’t to know everything. It is to find a few domains which you love and are passionate about, and seek to know it deeper.

Ignorance is bad. But if you are ACTIVELY IGNORANT towards what you don’t care for, you are highly intelligent.



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