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Why Am I So Cruel?

Why am I so un-feeling towards the suffering of others and myself? Perhaps the consequence of my hard knock life:



Cruel — crudus, similar to being ‘crude’ [crudus— raw, bloody, bleeding]. Proto-Indo-European is “*krewh₂-“, which literally means blood (wound outside of the body).

Thus if I think of my personal self– I am raw. I am unfeeling. I am quite stoic. Why? If I didn’t build a stoic skin of armor as a child, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.

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Indifference towards myself and my own life

This is a big thing:

It goes both ways. I am cruel and indifferent to the pain and suffering of others, but I am also cruel and indifferent towards my own pain and suffering.

Ain’t no practical use in complaining or bemoaning the cruelty of reality

Mens agitat molem [Latin for ‘Mind moves matter’]

Have I ever benefitted by complaining? No. Action and reaction means:

If you wanna change your reality, you gotta ACT, do, and EFFECT things. You must MOVE!

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Do you want reality to happen to you, or do you want to happen to reality?

We New Spartan Stoics!

Do you ACT upon reality, or do you simply react?



How to Become a Stoic

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Become invincible:

The Stoic Masters

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Learn from the master stoics:

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