Conquer Your Fears by Making Fear Your Slave

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Nobody knows what they are ‘passionate’ about photographing; but we certainly know what we’re afraid of photographing.

1. Why do I shoot street photography?

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For me, I love street photography because it scares the shit out of me. It forces me to face my fears head-on.

I use my inner-fear as my inner-compass, to guide me. To guide me what to photograph and what not to photograph.

If I see something or a person or a scene that doesn’t tug at my inner-heartstrings, it isn’t worth photographing.

2. Street photography is fudging scary

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I think a lot of us start shooting street photography because it is something we are interested in, passionate about, but scared as fudge to shoot.

My suggestion: channel that fear into a positive way.

Shoot what you’re afraid of.

3. Shoot what you’re afraid of

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Next time you see a scene that scares you, photograph it.

For example, if you see someone with a face-tattoo who fascinates you, approach them, say hello, and ask to make a portrait of them.

If you see a scene, which you want to photograph, but you’re scared of the consequences, just shoot it.

4. Let fear push you forward

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See fear as your coach. Fear is your alter-ego, your stronger Spartan self, who pushes you to become the best version of yourself.

Don’t be afraid of fear. Rather, let fear push you to the highest heights of your photographic potential.

5. Do you ever feel afraid of sharing your photos?

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Many of us are afraid to share our photos; afraid of being judged negatively.

I say fuck that. Share when you are afraid. Because action cures all fear.

To be a good photographer is simple:

  1. Make photos
  2. Share the photos


6. Do you like your own photos?

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Why are we afraid of sharing our photos anyways?

I know for myself, I often feel scared that I might let myself down. For example, I have the fear that others might think that I’m not as good as I ‘used to be.’

Also, I often care too much about what others think. In the past, I would think too much about ‘optimizing’ my times to upload photos to social media. Because I wanted to maximize my likes.

But in reality; fuck all that optimization shit. I say, if you love a photograph, just share it. Don’t wait until 12:00pm before you share your photo (yes, that is actually probably the most ‘optimal’ time to share your photos). Do it whenever you want.

For me, whenever I feel compelled to share something, but feel afraid — I just do it.

Just share it.


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Always seek forward progress in your photography and life. Use street photography as mental training— to help you become stronger person. To have less fear in life. To be more noble, powerful, strong, and to have more belief in yourself.

Conquer your fears by making fear your slave.

Be strong,

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