eric kim photography black and white glass broken


eric kim photography black and white glass broken

What kills you makes you stronger.
Fuck that Nietzsche shit, you’re bulletproof like body armor

How can you take shit in life and make it gold?
To not give a fuck about the rest of the world
and what they think of you

Even though you’re beaten black and blue
How can you let your original hue
keep shining
keep blinding
the devil and your enemies?

Let your light shine,
Life repeats itself; let it rhyme

Right now is your time,
to become great
it’s never too late.

you got this shit
Let your soul soar, and let it rip.

Aerosmith on that shit
rock hard and heavy,
you’re almost there already.

Fuck that Atlas shit,
take off that weight of the whole world off your shoulders
because with your strength, you can move boulders

Even though the nights get colder,
and your spirit feels older,
you feel weaker
more afraid
and less brave

fucking raise yourself up from the bootstraps
you got the power rod in your lap

Achilles, King Leonidas, 300 that shit
You got a Persian army in front of you,
and your back against the sea

Feel the warm breeze,
of the air,
drown your sorrows and your cares.

Because all you have is
your bravery
your heart
your soul
the whole world sits at your feet.

Will you be king, or will you be meek?

You can do anything you set your mind to
to overcome any adversity,
throw away that noose that was given to you

Fuck the grim reaper,
I just keep blasting dope beats out of my stereo speaker
Let the bass and treble run heavy
I got blood on my face
and a taste
of glory

Write your own story in life
Don’t quit while you’re almost at the finish line.

Why wait until you’re old and blind to pursue your dream?
Lick the sweet frosting of life; cream.

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