‘The envious moment is flying now, while we’re speaking’ – Horace

Carpe Diem.

This is mostly advice to myself:

1. Don’t waste your time

Eric, why do you waste your time? Don’t you know that ‘the envious moment is flying now?’

Why do you think you will live to be 90 years old? How do you even know you will live to see tomorrow?

2. Why crave more?

‘Seize the day, and place the hours that come as little faith as you can.’ – Horace

Why do you get upset at Cindy? Why do you still crave more money, security, and influence?

3. Why aren’t you pleased with the simple things you already have?

Why can’t you be pleased with the simple things you have in life already? Why don’t you spend more time counting your blessings?

4. Why do you still fear?

Why do you delay? What are you afraid of?

You’re going to die soon. So never stop creating. Never stop exploring, being curious, and avoid the sirens and the medusas in the world.

5. Never stop believing in Cindy

Above all, have faith in Cindy. She is your lighthouse— your guiding light. She will help you avoid all the negative pitfalls in life. She was initially the kindling fire that got you started. She was the motivational spark.

Never forget to thank her, be patient with her, and always love her.

Today might be your last. Or today might be her last.

Never forget.


Berkeley, 2015 #cindyproject

Berkeley, 2015 #cindyproject

Vancouver, 2015 #cindyproject

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