Dear friend,

Shit is hard, but remember:

You’re stronger than you think you are.

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

How do we become stronger? 

Micro-trauma stimulates our growth.

For example, when you lift weights, you ‘micro-tear’ your muscles, which sparks the muscle-generationprocess. 

Are you gonna die?

The biggest fear:

The pain associated with death.


The fear of being on your death-bed, and asking yourself: “Did I live my life to my fullest?”

Rather than let this idea paralyze you, better to let it GIVE YOU MASSIVE COURAGE to attempt epic shit in life.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a good reminder to me:

Thinking about death is actually a positive motivating force.

Why? When the thought of dying stares you straight in the face, then you will no longer fear anything.

You won’t fear social disgrace. You won’t fear bankruptcy. 

What do you got to fear?

Living a life that isn’t 100%

You’re more resilient than you think you are.

That which threatens to destroy us makes us stronger. 

For example, I believe in ‘post-traumatic growth‘.

For example, my personal scars is what made me who I am. If I never experienced childhood trauma, I wouldn’t have been able to become as strong as I am now.

Become stronger through tragedy

Tragedy is the most hopeful thing. Why?

Tragedy teaches us:

No matter how cruel or evil reality is, it is still beautiful and perfect.

Let tragedy, pain, difficulty, and chaos STIMULATE YOU to the next level!



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