Cindy and red scarf. Berlin, 2017
Cindy and red scarf. Berlin, 2017

Photography is the exilir of life.

Cindy. Saigon, 2017

First of all, realize to be alive is a blessing. The world is such a marvelous, beautiful, and exciting place.

We have access to the internet (the sum of all human knowledge), we have loved ones (fellow colleagues, friends, family), and we have our artistic outlet — which is photography.

To me, making photos is an affirmation of life. Whenever you point and click your shutter, you are blessing life, and your subject. By taking pictures you are saying:

You are beautiful. This is why I photographed you.


If there is one project I want to be remembered for after I die — it is the CINDYPROJECT. The basic idea is:

Photograph your loved ones, because they are the most important thing in your life.

The first step to conquering depression is to realize that YOUR LIFE HAS MEANING AND VALUE!

The best way to see your purpose in life: see how many people depend on you, how many of your loved ones who find joy in your pictures (your visual art).

Cindy in blue Yukata. Uji, Kyoto 2017. Low Perspective.
Picture of me sleeping by Cindy. Uji, Kyoto 2017

Purposeful photography

Cindy touching glass in wedding dress.

For me, I find purpose in my life through my photography.

My goal is to empower other photographers.

When a man has a purpose, he no longer concerns himself with feeling “happiness” in life. He disregards pain and pleasure. He is a warrior of purpose — fighting for something greater than himself. He is fighting for society, and future generations.

Cindy flexing muscles.

Your photography has meaning and purpose

Consider, if you make a picture that brings a smile to at least one other human being on planet earth, you’ve done your job as a photographer.

That means, make more positive pictures. Take pictures of what brings YOU JOY — and that joy will transmit to your viewer.

Have fun like a kid

Kid with teeth. Saigon, 2017

Like a child,

Treat your play very seriously.

To me, I see photography as playing and having fun. Children are never depressed — they are like sponges: constantly learning, playing, evolving, and exploring the world.

I love photography because it allows me to have more fun as an adult. I don’t take myself too seriously. Also, I don’t take my troubles too seriously.

When I’m in the zone of taking pictures, all my stresses, cares, anxieties, and regrets disappear. No more regrets of bad business or financial investments in the past. No more worrying about family drama. No more anxieties about saving more money for the future, or taking care of my present or future family.

My mom. Spiral staircase. Marseille, 2015


Make pictures which bring joy to you, and make you smile.

Too often we focus on making “artsy” pictures to impress our peers, or rack up “likes” on social media.

By smiling, making pictures for yourself — you will feel less social pressure and anxiety to “succeed” in an extrinsic sense.


My mission statement: PHOTO JOURNAL

Cindy and I made PHOTO JOURNAL as a way for us to find more meaning and purpose in our photography.

Who am I? Prompt from PHOTO JOURNAL

One of the best ways to find more meaning in your life, and to conquer depression, is to be brutally honest with yourself, and journal, reflect, write, and meditate about your creative and artistic life.


I personally think the purpose of ourselves as visual artists is to MAKE LIFE-AFFIRMING ART. To make pictures that are positive, uplifting, and encouraging.

Also, I recommend for you to share your personal wisdom and knowledge on photography — by starting your own photography blog. or for free photo blogs, or make your own photography blog with and By sharing your knowledge on photography, you will reach an audience that is looking for your knowledge.

Another idea: make your own YouTube channel, and share your progress in photography.

Life is a beautiful struggle, and sometimes to live is even an act of bravery.

You’re stronger than you think you are.

Become a STOIC STREET PHOTOGRAPHER, and grow a hide of thick bronze. You can take anything life throws at you. You can withstand the fire — the fire will only make your bronze armor glow brighter. Your challenges will make you stronger. You can overcome ANYTHING IN LIFE!



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