POSITIVITY: subtract the negative energy.

POSITIVITY: who holds you back?
POSITIVITY: is your life on track?

Positivity ain’t smiles and roses
Positivity is knowing how fucking hard life can be, but you still chose it.

Positivity means doing hard shit,
Like cutting out your dad from your life and putting your wife

Positivity can sound greedy
Positivity ain’t needy; it’s strong.

Positivity is your adamantine armor,
That is light and strong– and will take you farther.

Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject

Positivity: you will never falter.
Positivity: have hope, because hope is dope.

Saigon, 2017

Positivity: you got the key.
Positivity: unleash your inner-potential, pedal to the floor, no throttle.

Positivity: unshakeable belief in yourself
Positivity: your back is bruised and scarred, 3D welts.

Positivity: this shit will be hard.
Positivity: just stay focused on passing 10 yards.

Positivity: get that first down.
Positivity: let the bass flow freely, positive sound.

Positivity: ignore the haters.
Positivity: one day you’ll thank them later.

Make a change

It’s all in your brain.

Aix en Provence, 2015 #cindyproject #portra400



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