Enslave your fear; don’t become enslaved by your fear!

What has my whole life been about? Conquering fear. Some practical thoughts:

Do you want to conquer fear?

The first thing:

Is it your desire to conquer fear?

If yes, then let us continue.


The three things

  1. Mental (stoicism)
  2. Physical/Physiological/Muscle/Fat-based: The human body
  3. Media/News/Social media

Let me break this down for you:

1. Mental

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Stoicism. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

Transform fear into your slave; you don’t want to be the slave of your own fear.

The mental training I’ve done for myself:

  1. Realize there is no afterlife.
  2. Once you’re dead, you’re dead.
  3. Once you’re dead, no pain.
  4. We’re only afraid of the pain preceding death. Thus if you don’t fear pain, you got nothing to really fear.

2. Physical strength

To conquer fear, build your body. More muscle, less fat. This is good for everyone– all humans irrespective of race, gender, body type.

This is what I’ve learned for myself:

The more physically strong I become, the less fearful I am of fate.

My theory:

The more testosterone you augment in your blood stream, the MORE CALM you become, and the less you feel the physiology of fear.

How to increase our testosterone? Eat more foods high in cholesterol (fatty meats is a steroid for testosterone). Lift heavy weights (dumbbell or bodyweight exercises). Challenge your body!

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There is no downside to having tons of muscle mass. There is no downside to having a low body fat percentage (around 10% for men, 20% for women).

If your body produces the stress hormones for fear… then certainly strengthening your body will make you LESS FEARFUL and LESS SENSITIVE to fear hormones.

3. Social

Fear Porn

Fear is a social contagion. Thus to conquer fear, we gotta be critical in terms of how fear is transmitted to us socially.

Generally fear comes from the media. Social media, the news, family, friends, etc. Other people.

The way I think about fear is very practical:

Can this thing cause me permanent disfigurement or a likely death?

If so, I fear it. If not, I don’t fear it.

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4. Is it a duty to be fearful?

A weird thing:

I’m guilted by others or pressured by others to feel fearful.

I’m not fearful of this current pandemic, but others make me feel guilt for not being scared. So the ethical question is:

*SHOULD* I feel scared and afraid when everyone else is?

No. This is for suckers.

5. Only care for yourself.

Perhaps the best way for us to conquer fear is to become extremely selfish, self-centered, and to only care for ourselves.



Enslave your fear; don’t become enslaved by your fear!



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