A thought:

During these moments of calamity, do I somehow have a duty or obligation to feel afraid and scared? If not, am I somehow a bad person?

For example, I’m currently NOT afraid, but everyone else tells me that I SHOULD be afraid.

Why SHOULD I be afraid? Perhaps it is because if I’m not afraid, then I might get infected, and spread the infection to others, and others can die as a consequence of my negligence. Thus, it seems the rule is:

You SHOULD be afraid because it is for the benefit of the greater collective.

Or in utilitarian terms:

You as an individual aren’t as important as the greater mass of people.

But is this true, or should this notion be posited as truth?

Who is more important?


“1 man of worth outweighs 10,000 average men.” – Heraclitus

I believe I am a great individual. I believe that I should not be expected to live, behave, or think like others. Why? I believe I have great thoughts and ideas which can benefit all of mankind, and I can help encourage and empower future generations of humans.

Thus, this becomes a philosophical ethical thing:

Who is ERIC KIM to think that he is so important?

I do. Then comes the question:

Should society, the government, or others try to stop him?

I hope not.

What’s the ideal form of government?

From Nassim Taleb’s “Skin in the game”, I was first acquainted with the notion of a governmental system called “deontic libertarianism”. Deontic means “duty-based”, and libertarianism as the governmental form which advocates for maximal liberty for individuals and minimal governmental interference in our private lives. Essentially, a maximally individualistic society. Liber means “free man” in Latin.

For example, I love to eat meat. If the government overnight said: “We have decreed that meat is bad for you and is causing a drain on the healthcare system, thus we have made it a law that eating meat in America is illegal” I would immediately leave.

For me, the ideal government (thus far) is America, because we got the maximal amount of personal freedom and liberty, especially when compared to other countries in the world. While I admire more socialist governments, I still prefer America — because I would prefer maximal autonomy and freedom over my life, even if I have less healthcare, services, and stuff like that.

Conclusion: Don’t stay seated (Rosa Parks)

Thus my conclusion thus far:

No— if you don’t want to feel afraid, don’t let others bully you into feeling bad, guilty, or scared.

This is your life. Do you got the guts to stand up for what you believe in, or will you sit and cower?