How to Add Muscle and Subtract Fat at the Same Time

The holy grail:

The ability to ADD MUSCLE and SUBTRACT FAT at the same time.

I think I figured it out. Essentially intermittent fasting throughout the day [no breakfast, no lunch, only dinner], no sugar in your diet, no alcohol, no carbs. For eating, only eat bitter greens [kale, collard greens], fermented foods [kimchi, saurkraut], and lots of fatty meats [pork picnic roast, steak, dark chicken meat, etc].

My theory

In order to maximize fat loss:

  1. Don’t consume any sugars, sweeteners [artificial or real], carbs [simple or complex], no alcohol.
  2. Intermittent fasting: no breakfast no lunch. during day, only drink black coffee and water.
  3. When you break your fast, eat mostly fatty meats and bitter greens [not ‘vegetables’, but bitter greens like collard greens or kale].

How to add muscle mass

For myself, focusing on ‘one rep max’ styled workouts [powerlifting] has benefited me the best. The formula is simple:

Every week, add a tiny “potato chip” [2.5 pound weight] to each side of the barbell.

I’ve followed this regimen for around 2-3 years, and it seems like it has worked very effectively. For example, when I started in college [age 18] I could only deadlift 25 pounds on each side of the bar. Now at age 32, my one rep max is 455 pounds [sumo style].

But what about genetics?

Obviously everyone has different genetics. For myself, I have relatively small hands and wrists. My dad is ‘skinny fat’. I don’t have a squat nor a thick build.

But still–

Regardless of your genetics, you can become stronger. You can put on muscle mass, subtract body fat, and increase physical power.

This applies to all human beings. All ages, all genders, all body styles, etc.

Learn to love your body

To me, I almost don’t see my body as ‘belonging’ to me. It is simply a piece of marble that is affixed to my soul. Thus, to build my body is fun. It is like sculpting a piece of marble.

Don’t believe in genetics, only effort.

effort triumphs all. And have fun!

no need for protein powder, supplements, steroids, testosterone, whatever. Lots of fatty meat, black coffee, water is all you need.

If I (ERIC KIM) can do it — of course so can you.