Overweight vs Overfat

The problem isn’t being “overweight”— it is about being “overfat”.

What’s the difference?

“It is simple. If it jiggles, it is fat” – Arnold

So this is important. We are not trying to lose “weight” but fat. What’s the difference?

You can be an NFL player with pure muscle and be “overweight”. But you’re not “overfat”.

Not all weight is created alike.

For example let us say you’re 200 pounds. If you’re 150 pounds of muscle and 50 pounds of fat, this is very different from the person who is 150 pounds of fat and 50 pounds of muscle.

Fat (adipose tissue) is an active endocrine system

What does this mean? Fat isn’t just an aesthetics thing — it’s an active endocrine system which secretes hormones into your blood stream and affects your mood and life!

For example,

If you’re 40% bodyfat, your adipose tissue (fat) will make you feel more depressed, more tired, less energetic, less physically vigorous, etc.

Fat (not weight) is the enemy.

Don’t weigh yourself on a scale, pinch your stomach fat instead. Source

Don’t weigh yourself. Instead, just observe your bodyfat percentage.

For myself, I optimally want to see my top (and middle) abdominal muscles. I don’t need to get hyper shredded. I want much muscle mass and low bodyfat.

Men and women are the same.

Men — let us not desire to gain weight. We want to gain muscle. We don’t want to increase our fat by wanting to increase our weight.

Women — don’t strive to lose weight. Instead, strive to gain muscle mass and lose fat.

ERIC KIM flex muscle

Weight isn’t the enemy — fat is!


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