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Fear is the Ultimate Contagious Disease

My thought on the pandemic right now —

The ultimate downside which is spreading isn’t death and disease, but fear.

Pandemos— regarding the public.

The pandemic of fear

Fear spreads socially. Consider– fear is a man-made thing. It affects our hormones, our thought, psyche, body, and physiology. How is fear spreading? Through social media [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit], blogs, websites, TV, news, friends, family, and word of mouth.

Fear Feeding

Fear Feeds

Consider all the fear feeds. Now fear has “scalability” on her side. Fear can spread more virally than any infectious disease. Because now, fear can reach you even without physical touch or proximity. Fear can reach us digitally — through our eye balls and our ears.

Practical fear


Any fear which prevents you from losing a limb or dying a premature death is a good fear. For example, I’m fearful of riding a bicycle in a crowded metropolitan city, I’m afraid of drifting through a mountain path, or texting while driving or texting while walking. I want to live to be in hyper health until age 120, and then hopefully die peacefully in my sleep, or die by saving a child from a runaway car by jumping in front of the car and saving the life of the child.

Thus to me, this fear is highly practical. But what are “impractical” fears?

Fear in the psyche

Fear in the mind which paralyses us from action, or doing anything. This fear is bad.

What do you ultimately fear? Fear of death? Fear of pain? Fear of death of your friends and loved ones? Death of your spouse or child? What is the ultimate fear you got?

A life without psychological fear?

What do I personally aspire towards? A life without psychological fear.

Psyche — psukhe, meaning soul. Your vital breath— the thing which animates your body.

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Is it possible to live a life where you can live boldly without soul-fear? Yes. How? Become a stoic.

How to Become a Stoic

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Become invincible:

The Stoic Masters

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