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Don’t Complain; Change.

No more complaining for me.

Why complain? Complaining isn’t an effective way to change things.

So before you complain, ask yourself:

Why am I complaining? Am I complaining to somehow feel better about myself and my own morals/ethics, or do I actually propose to make a change and difference?

Why complain?

To me complaining is a very strange activity.

Generally we complain about things (or people) we don’t like, and we wish things were different.

Which makes me wonder:

When we wish things were different, are we actually willing or desire to change things?

Complaining without changing things

I think anger and frustration can be a good impetus to change things.

For example I don’t like Instagram, Facebook, or a lot of social media behavior. Rather than just complain, I sought to change the culture by building — the first productive community of feedback for photographers and visual artists.

When I observe behavior I don’t like in others, I strive to ensure that I don’t partake in that behavior myself (stoic self-examination and severity).

As a simple ethical rule:

Never complain about something that you’re guilty of.


No complaining about something without actually partaking in action to change that behavior.

It seems:

If you don’t plan on changing something, we are not allowed to complain about it.

The disempowered and weak complain

I think people complain when they don’t have the power or the means to change things. Or people just like being petty to feel superior to others.

I think if you were truly strong, you would never complain. You’d simply change yourself and change things.

Changing the culture and societal behaviors/norms — starting with yourself

“Be the change which you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

I truly believe that one person (you) can be the lead domino to enact change. Better yet, if you desire to enact change it is effective to own your own publishing platform (your own self-hosted blog).

First change your own behavior, then share your own thoughts and opinions on your own blog. Share your rationale, and your own personal philosophy. Know that change is slow and gradual, but the quickest way we can see change is by inspecting ourselves.

So as a thought:

What if we never (outwardly) complained ever again, or criticized others, and instead– only focused on actions to change society, culture, and the future?