How to Become Yourself

The goal — for you to become you.

Ego-centric is good.


You can only become yourself. Why become anyone else?

Thus it seems the first goal:

Don’t aspire to become anyone else but yourself.


What is the best opinion? Your own.

The problem:

Modern education has beaten out our capacity for freedom of thought.

Why? In school, you’re not allowed to say: “I think” or “In my opinion…”

What happens as a consequence? You’re punished for free-spirited thinking.

The ultimate philosopher as a child.


A turbocharger for the mind.

What SHOULD education be for? To turbocharge your mind! To introduce NEW and empowering thoughts into your brain, NOT to make you some studious book-worm.

You were who you were before you got here.

My thought:

The point isn’t for you to change yourself. The point is for you to better understand yourself, and use yourself as a tool and instrument for better understanding reality and the world.


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