Marcus Aurelius 10 lessons he has taught me.

Things Shouldn’t Go Back to the Way They Used to Be

Many us are patiently waiting for things to go back to the way things used to be. But should we? I say not.

What is the physics of reality?

Marcus Aurelius statue
Marcus Aurelius: The ultimate Stoic-King-Emperor.


All is flux, change.

Let us think. The universe. The universe moves, bobs, expands, contracts. All is change. Nothing is ever the same.

Even with us humans– there is only continuity. Your 2-year old self is 99.99% biologically different from yourself today. But what makes you… you? This continuity.

Does reality care about you?

Of course not. Because reality cannot care, nor can reality NOT care about you. It is what it is!

Marcus Aurelius Statue on Brown University Campus
Marcus Aurelius Statue on Brown University Campus

Think about the universe.

To become less fearful… think bigger! Think about the universe, and realizing how tiny and petty the concerns of men — you got nothing to fear!


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