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The goal: become you.



Why become an individual?

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The way I see it:

The only good way to live … to become an individual.

Why do we see the individual as evil?

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The individual is one who devotes his own life to focus on his own self-development. And why is this considered evil? Because others (society) doesn’t want you to focus on you. They want you to focus on them.

In other words:

Any energy you spend on devoting to your own self-development is energy NOT being used to help them.

Who do we desire to become?

My thought:

To become an artist who is remembered through the eons.

Who is remembered?

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Classics never die. Look backwards.

The great poets:

The great military generals:

  • Alexander the Great
  • Napoleon
  • Caesar

The great philosophers:

Which artists are remembered?

  1. Picasso (extreme prolificness, as an adult he was able to conserve his child-like curiosity and also his sexual prowess).
  2. Leonardo da Vinci (polymath)
  3. Michaelangelo
  4. Raphael

Do you want to be remembered?

It is up to you. Do you desire to be remembered and leave a legacy?

If so– you must become an individual.



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