Of course genetics exists. Genetics determines that human beings are different than avocado trees.

But from a philosophical perspective … I opt to NOT believe in genetics. Why? Some thoughts:

What is ‘belief’ and what is ‘genetics’?


To bow before a greater force or authority.


Genh-” –birth, origin.

Thus if we think about genetics, we are saying:

My birth (genetic material from my parents) pre-determines my future.

What kind of life is this?

Did the ancient Greeks believe in genes, race, etc?

What is interesting about the ancient greeks:

They believed more in courage than “genes”.

But also another interesting thing:

The gods often meddled in the affairs of the heroes, which meant, the heroes didn’t have 100% “free will”.

My take

But extrapolated to my purposes, this is why to NOT believe in genetics is good:

It will destroy racism, sexism, classism, and any “-ism”.

Low-key racism

The art of bodybuilding

A personal example. Being an Asian-American male (East Asian, Korean) subjects me to “low-key racism” in America. For example:

The general belief is that Asian men are genetically INFERIOR to other races (African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, etc).

But if we abolished this belief in genetics and ‘genetic potential’ — then…

We would never blame our parents, upbringing, society or genetics for whom we are. Rather, we take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY and RADICAL SELF-FREEDOM in knowing — your fate is 100% determined by you, not your genes.


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