The Art of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is also an art. Your own body is a piece of marble, and your goal:

Sculpt your body into a Demi-god, greek-god, Adonis-status.

Why bodybuilding is so fun

During COVID, I am just bored. What more fun than to build your body when stuck indoors all day?

Also when you workout and see your muscle mass grow, it is fun to see the progress!

My equipment

Two 60-pound dumbbells. My body (bodyweight exercises, pushups, one-handed pushups, one-legged pistol squats, and pseudo-planche).

Why build your body?

Do it for the adrenaline boost. It also boosts your joy hormones (serotonin, etc).

Also, now we cannot buy anything anymore, what better use of your time and money than to lift weights, get super buff and ripped, and eat lots of delicious meat?

Your body is your ultimate instrument

If you wanna build anything or make anything, treat your body like an instrument as Cindy says.

The muscular artist

My thought:

The more muscles you got, the more you can create as an artist.

I can personally attest. The more muscle I’ve built and the buffer I’ve gotten, the more artistically productive I’ve become. I have more turbo thoughts, have more desire to walk around more, and to create more!

More scholars should body-build.

My thought:

When you do mental labor, it takes much physical power and energy.

Thus doesn’t it make sense that if you have a stronger body and frame (more muscle) — your ability to do deep scholarship would improve?

Muscle on!


My Muscle Philosophy

Treat your body as sculpture.

This is not my body

The first thing:

I don’t see my body as belonging to me. I look at my body like it belongs to someone else.

When I look at the Lamborghini of someone else, I admire it. When I see the muscles and physiques of anyone else, I admire it. Then I had the epiphany:

Why not transform my own body into a Lambo, and admire my own body instead?

The logic

The great logic:

  1. It is far cheaper to get buff than to buy a Lambo.
  2. The human body is the apex beauty. This means your personal goal in life should be to beautify your own personal body to the maximum (without plastic surgery, steroids, etc).
  3. Ultimate democratic approach: Genetics doesn’t matter. Sex doesn’t matter. Racial ethnicity doesn’t matter. Anyone can both add muscle mass and subtract fat.
  4. It doesn’t cost much to get ripped. Just intermittent fast [no breakfast, no lunch], one big ass meal a day, and mostly a ‘ketogenic’ diet.
  5. Your body is always with you. Why not beautify your body to inspire yourself?

The joy of sculpting your own body

To sculpt your own body is insanely fun. Why? You can see the change over time!

Once again, the goal is simple:

Never stop adding muscle mass, and never stop reducing body fat, or keeping it low (around 10%).

Muscle and your body is highly practical.

The more muscle you have, the more energy you got. The more power you got to make art-work, and live with gratitude, joy, and hyper-vigor.

Strengthen on, and flex on!



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