Visual Kinesthesia: Muscles and Art

A thought about art, music, ideas, music, technology, and other haptic feedback:

Perhaps what we are seeking is audio-visual-movement to stimulate/motivate our own movement, excitement, and vigor in life!

Anything which motivates me is good.

Motivation as meaning movement.

Whenever I experience anything that motivates me to create, think more, or feel more powerful — this is good.

For example, rap and hip hop music which gets my creative juices flowing, and puts my muscles into motion.

It also seems the best visual art to consume is the visual art which actually motivates you to go out and create more of your own artwork. Finding inspiration from other artists isn’t about fawning over their works into perpetuity; it is to discover a new source of motivation to create more of your own artwork.

We must think more of the artist as an athlete; create art which puts your muscles in motion!


Thanks to Mark Ittleman for the idea on visual-kinetic synesthesia!