ERIC kim flex buff muscle front 6 pack


Now is your time to get hyper-buff (do YouTube workout videos, lift weights, intermittent fasting, etc).

How to grow your muscles >

What else you gonna do bored at home?

ERIC kim flex buff muscle front 6 pack

Now you can chill at home, use this time to get hyper-buff and shredded. The goal is to become like a greek god.

What to do?

  1. Bodyweight exercises: Max reps for pushups, sit-ups, bodyweight squats (or one-legged pistol squats), or ‘dive bomber’ pushups
  2. Buy some dumbbells and workout at home: Buy the heaviest dumbbells you can (on Amazon or in the fitness store), and start lifting at home. Do ‘clean and jerk’ or ‘military press’ type workouts with your dumbbells.
  3. Go on YouTube and watch some fitness videos. I like Pamela Reif workout videos.

Treat your own body like an art project

Nowadays when I look at my body, it doesn’t even feel like my body. I just want to sculpt my own body to become a beautiful sculpture. Better to have a beautiful body than to own a Lamborghini.

Better to flex your body than to flex your possessions

Better to have a beautiful body than to own a Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, or have a bunch of money. The ultimate flex is the body.

Whats the ideal look?

Hercules Furens is the ideal look (for us men). Ideally around 10% body fat. For women, around 20% body fat.

And yes– women AND men can get 6-packs. The secret is increase muscle mass and lower body fat.

But I have bad genetics!

I’m all natty. I don’t eat protein powder, supplements, steroids, testosterone, etc. All I do is eat meat and bitter greens. Also, I intermittent fast during the day [no breakfast or lunch, I just eat a massive dinner].

And dude– I don’t have great genetics. But it don’t matter. Just work with the body you got. EVERY HUMAN BEING (regardless of your genetics) can both increase muscle mass and lower body fat. Once again — I think the secret is resistance training (lifting heavier weights, and stressing your body), and abstaining from sugars, carbs, high fructose corn syrup, fruits, and other sweet things.

And honestly, if I (ERIC KIM) can do it– so can you.