Transform Your Body into a Lamborghini

A thought:

Many of us desire fancy things like fancy sports cars, fancy clothes, fancy homes, fancy watches, accessories, cameras, devices, etc.

But what if instead of desiring these objects (totems of power), we instead decided to turn our own bodies into the things desired?

The Lamborghini attitude

Lamborghini notion is all about Italian style and ostentatiousness.

For example:

  1. Extreme power (the more horsepower, the better)
  2. Leaner and more muscular (carbon fiber body, and muscular curves and proportions)
  3. Loud, flashy, unique, obnoxious, aggressive look.

But what if instead of trying to buy something which symbolizes these characteristics, we actually transformed our own physical bodies into this ideal, and to also change our personality toward this ideal?

Thus becoming more physically powerful (powerlifting), getting more muscular and lean (ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and weight lifting), and to become more aggressive in your attitude and character.

Once again; it’s not the thing we desire, it’s the emotions we desire.

And the beginning of philosophy: start with your body and prioritize your body over mind!


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