How to Maximize Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

My theory:

Extreme working out and fasting during the day, and extreme feasting and rest in the evening.

Selfie. Hanoi, 2016

I’ve been experimenting with my own body the last decade, and found these curious things:

  1. You don’t need to eat protein immediately after a workout for muscle growth. For about 2 years, I’ve been intentionally NOT eating after a workout (even deadlifting 410 pounds), and waiting until supper (dinner, sunrise, around 5-8pm) before “breaking my fast”. I’ve still been able to put on much muscle mass.
  2. To maximize fat loss, and prevent fat gain, this has been simple: No carbohydrates, no sugar, no alcohol, and no eating food substances when the sun is still outside (I don’t eat breakfast or lunch). No bread, no pasta, no sugar (natural or unnatural), no rice, no starch, etc. My whole food intake is only fatty meats, eggs, or leafy greens and herbs.
  3. To grow muscle, push your muscles beyond what you think you’re capable of. I also find it’s fine to workout everyday, even the same muscle groups several days in a row. For inspiration, watch Arnold pushing through his last reps in the “Pumping Iron” documentary, or Ronnie Coleman pushing through his last reps in the Netflix documentary, “The King”.


Nobody can control what food items or liquids enter your mouth, unless someone literally straps you down to a table, and shoves the food and drink into your mouth.

Recognize, you have the power to say “no” to certain foods and drinks.

In today’s polite society, you can just say:

“No thank you.”

Don’t worry about offending others. You will offend them. But that’s fine, if your own personal goals is to perfect your own personal physique and aesthetics.

Thus recognize,

In being military-like in your food and drink, you will upset others. But the purpose of your life isn’t to please others — it is to please yourself.

No sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fruit, honey, etc.

I believe anything sweet is bad. Of course if I’m starving in the Sahara desert over 30 days, please give me a Twinkie. But in today’s over-abundant world, sweet foods are not necessary to our survival or thrivivial.

To clarify — you can live your life however you desire. I just want to let you know:

If you desire to live a very strict life, that is okay too!

This is our ethical rule:

Don’t try to control how others eat or drink, but don’t let others control how you eat or drink.

Extreme is good

Saigon selfie. 2017.

Moderation is boring. Go extreme. It’s more challenging, fun, and interesting.

I say “quit cold turkey”. Yes, you have enough willpower— if you desire.

  1. Quit all sugars, starches, and carbohydrates.
  2. Quit breakfast and lunch. Only a massive dinner.
  3. Lift heavy stuff at the gym (squat, deadlift, dumbbell press) or do difficult body weight exercises (chin-ups, dips, dive bomber pushups).

Try this out for a month, and I can guarantee you will see insane results (maximal muscle growth, maximum fat loss).

ERIC KIM SELFIE with black wall. Kyoto, 2017


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