An essay on male masculinity amongst Asian men:

Small dick self-discrimination


As Asian guys, we are always teased growing up (in America) as having small dicks. But is it true that the Asian male penis size is smaller on average to Caucasian, Latino, and African American males? Not sure. But this average shouldn’t really matter, because the average doesn’t always apply to the individual. For example on average most people in the NBA are tall and African American, but Yao Ming (Asian male) was far taller than most of them. Yao Ming is the one outlier who is enough to debunk all “averages” in statistics.

Hearing enough of these racial taunts is enough to make Asian guys feel inferior from a masculinity perspective.

but ultimately, probably the “small dick myth” for Asian guys is just a racial slur, to make Asian guys feel insecure about themselves.

The media


I cannot think of any Asian men, or any Asian American men who I admire, or desire to become. The closest is probably Bruce Lee, but even Bruce Lee wasn’t really respected from a masculinity perspective. Knowing martial arts and being Asian isn’t “real” strength — it is seen more like voodoo, or smoke and mirrors. When is the last time you thought of an Asian guy looking like Hercules, or being a muscular and badass boxer?

Hercules Furens (my ideal physique)
Hercules Furens

Why are people so shocked with my deadlift?

I can deadlift 455 pounds. But this is the thing:

When people see how much I can lift, they are impressed and shocked. They call me a “freak of nature”.

But if an African American or Caucasian or Latino man did the same, people would be less shocked. Why? There’s the racist notion:

Asian men are physically inferior to other races of men.

Is there an Asian Brad Pitt?

We all know brad Pitt is very handsome. We admire his looks and consider him a sex icon.

but in America, are there any sexy men who are considered sex icons, who aren’t just “cute” like K-Pop boys? No.

My quest

Society trains Asian men, especially Asian American men to feel an inferiority bias. This is self-hate, self-discrimination, and self-stunting.

I want to become a role model. Of a confident Asian American male, physically strong, masculine, not to be fucked with, and handsome. To fight back all this prejudice in American society— the “low key” racism against Asian-American men.

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