The thought that some races are genetically superior to others (or some races are genetically inferior) is racism.

What we gotta be worried about in today’s world:

Low-key racism.

This is racism which isn’t in your face. It is the hidden, sneaky racism:

my definition of racism

My definition of racism is this:

the belief that some races are genetically superior or inferior to others physically or mentally.

For example, a racist idea:

Asian men are genetically physically inferior, and thus less masculine than other races (like African American, or Caucasian).

For example, if you’re shocked I can deadlift 455 pounds, but you’d be a little less shocked if an African American guy did it, it means there is some hidden low key racism at play.

Why be wary of low key racism?

my thought:

Low key racism is most dangerous when it affects you, your own mentality, your own courage.

For example if I believe that Asian men are genetically inferior and genetically less masculine than other men, then I will become very discouraged in terms of seeking sexual mates, especially if they’re African American, Caucasian, or Latino women.

Self racism

For example, in the African American community this is the bias:

Darker skinned men are more masculine and lighter skin men are less masculine.


Lighter skinned women are more beautiful and darker skinned women are less beautiful.

This happens also in Asian cultures:

Darker skinned Korean males are seen as less intelligent than lighter skinned Korean males.


Lighter skinned Korean women are seen as more desirable and beautiful than darker skinned Korean women.

Terms to stop using


I will no longer use the words “white” or “black”. Why? Inherent in our bias in language:

White is good, black is bad.


White is life, black is death.


White is beautiful, black is ugly.


White is light, black is darkness.

better terms

  1. instead of black, African American
  2. instead of Asian, East Asian
  3. instead of white, Caucasian

when do I get sus of people calling themselves “white”?


when people call themselves “white”, they essentially are saying:

I acknowledge that I’m the supreme social class in America, and above you.

but this is highly problematic. Why? To be “white” isn’t accurate. You can be Caucasian (from the Caucasus region), but not “white”.

for example Turkish men are technically Caucasian and thus “white”. But would you call a Turkish guy “white”? Probably not.



For example when we think of more white skinned people, we think of “white” people, who are technically from the “Caucasus” region — Russia, Georgia, part of Turkey, etc. it makes sense that certain generic morphology traits (fairness of skin) became more dominant in that region.

we all originated in Africa. Over time, human populations have spread across the globe, and genetic differences have manifested in different ways. More screens from the paper:

To think about regions is more accurate. Race is genetic similarities (morphology and physiology) in certain regions. But ultimately, we are an admixture of part African — some of our genetic traits are more prominent, some less prominent.

We are all homo sapiens

we are all from the homo species, and “sapiens” (wise, intelligent). Let us make this our starting point and figure out where to go from here!



Relevant articles:

  1. Nassim Taleb on IQ being a swindle
  2. Steven Pinker article on the average intellectual superiority of Ashkenazi Jews [compared to other racial groups]:

EXTRACTS from Pinker article:

Some of my thoughts:

Over-representation doesn’t prove anything:

“Jews are remarkably over-represented in benchmarks of brainpower. Though never exceeding 3 percent of the American population, Jews account for 37 percent of the winners of the U.S. National Medal of Science, 25 percent of the American Nobel Prize winners in literature, 40 percent of the American Nobel Prize winners in science and economics, and so on. On the world stage, we find that 54 percent of the world chess champions have had one or two Jewish parents.” – Pinker

Danger of belief in IQ for a sign of intelligence

Whoever believes in notions of ‘IQ’ can end up propagating racism:

“Their average IQ has been measured at 108 to 115, one-half to one standard deviation above the mean.” – Pinker

Can intelligent and personality be heritable?

I do not believe intelligence can be heritable. Why? The notion of ‘intelligence’ as something you can measure is philosophical nonsense:

“Like intelligence, personality traits are measurable, heritable within a group, and slightly different, on average, between groups.” – Pinker

What is Pinker’s hidden agenda to promote the notion of the ‘existence of intelligence’? Hmmm…

“In recent decades, the standard response to claims of genetic differences has been to deny the existence of intelligence, to deny the existence of races and other genetic groupings, and to subject proponents to vilification, censorship, and at times physical intimidation.” – Pinker