Spaceship Philosophy

Right now living in COVID-19, it is almost as if we are living on a spaceship. Let me explain:

What if you could never go BEYOND your one-square block of your apartment?


This means:

  1. Work online via computer (online meetings, online workshops, selling online products).
  2. Hyper self-independence and resourcefulness. All your digital arts creation is digital and shared on your website, blog, etc.
  3. Intermittent fasting at home, and cooking meat-heavy dishes at night. Hypertrophy is the goal.
  4. You cannot buy a car. Nowhere to go. Just order groceries via the internet and delivery services.
  5. Entertainment via your computer, laptop, etc. You can still be creative, blog, vlog, write, think, move, and read!

— the ultimate exciting brave new world?


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