Why Hypertrophy?

Hyper nutrition. To become bigger, stronger, more!

Hyper nutrition is what allowed our brain to evolve, develop into what it is now?

Humans eating meat and more nutrition … helped our brain grow, evolve, become bigger. The brain as a very expensive and nutrition hungry device. Thus, we needed to feed it more fuel in order to become more.

More bodily growth, more artistic growth?

This is something funny I’ve noticed:

The buffer I get, the bolder, more audacious, and more creatively productive I become.

More life!

The human desire to LIVE MORE, BE MORE, DO MORE, CREATE MORE. More seems to be the basic principle of life.

What is the stimulus to growth?


  1. Higher consumption of fatty meats. Meat and cholesterol as a steroid. The more Saturated fat the better.
  2. Intermittent fasting: Triggers human growth hormone, IGF-1 and other hormonal pathways. When I fast and break my fast, I actually eat more when I break my fast. Eating more is Hypertrophy (hyper nutrition). The more nutrition we consume, the bigger we can grow. Bigger is better.

Artistic Hypertrophy

Another thought —

If we consume more nutritious and meaty art works, it will also help us grow as artists?

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