Why Digital RICOH GR is the Best Camera for Street Photography

I’ve shot with all the cameras for street photography and I can confidently say that RICOH GR is the best camera for street photography. Why? Simple reasons:

In praise of both RICOH GR II and RICOH GR III

If you’ve never owned a Ricoh GR before, I’d recommend starting with the Ricoh GR II, as the integrated flash is great. The amount of great photos I’ve been able to create with this $600 camera is astonishing.

Having the RICOH GR III has been a fun journey — the more I shoot with it, the more I like it. I’ve been focusing more on macro photography of details, enjoying the great in-camera JPEG settings (cross process color filter, and high contrast monochrome) in small JPEG, which has allowed me to shoot more photos and to be more prolific in my shooting.

The smallest and most powerful and premium compact camera is supreme

The closest competitor to Ricoh GR III is iPhone Pro. But still — I rate the RICOH GR III as at least 20x better than the iPhone Pro. Why? The Ricoh GR III is only nominally bigger than the iPhone Pro, and it still is technically around $100 cheaper. Also, while the iPhone Pro is a great camera, you cannot beat Ricoh GR III for the ergonomics (fits well in your hand, having a physical shutter button is best), great ability to quickly change exposure compensation, and the high contrast black and white filter JPEG setting on RICOH GR III looks at least 50x better (from an aesthetics perspective) to iPhone Pro “Noir” mode. I feel the iPhone Pro is the best phone that currently exists, but RICOH GR III is the best camera which currently exists.

No friction

The best camera is the camera which requires no “friction” for you to take with you everywhere you go and shoot with. Even in COVID times, I’ve been able to very productive shooting street photography out in the streets, at the gas station, or the grocery store.

So friend — right now is history in the making. Make and shoot history — don’t be left behind!



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