Free E-Book: Street Photography Contact Sheets

Dear streettogs,

I am very excited to announce my new free PDF e-book: “Street Photography Contact Sheets.” This book was born out of my desire to share my process of shooting street photography; in terms of how I shoot, how I select my best shots– all in the hope that this will be useful to you.

The main inspiration was from “Magnum Contact Sheets,” which I believe is the most useful (and educational photography book) that has ever been printed.

Here are some things I cover in the book:

  • Why are contact sheets important?
  • Behind-the-scenes behind some of my most iconic images
  • How to “work the scene”
  • What goes through my mind when selecting my favorite images
  • How to talk to strangers
  • How to overcome your fear of approaching a stranger
  • Shooting candidly vs with permission

I am also excited to share that there are two contact sheets by Josh White, one of my closest friends featured in this book.

The book is “open source” — meaning you can share, download, and remix it to your heart’s content.

Free Download


Street Photography Contact Sheets - Eric Kim-2 Street Photography Contact Sheets - Eric Kim-3 Street Photography Contact Sheets - Eric Kim-4 Street Photography Contact Sheets - Eric Kim-5 Street Photography Contact Sheets - Eric Kim-6

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