Why Blog?

Everyone tells you that you “should” blog more– but why?

You don’t need to do nothing

First of all, let us realize that life is about choices, not obligations. This means:

There is no “should” or “must” in life. All the decisions you make in life are from your own accord. If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.

This is essential in blogging. Only blog if you desire to, only if you want to; don’t blog out of some sort of drudgery or obligation.

No ‘blogging challenges’

I always see these ‘blogging challenges’ like:

  • Write 1,000 words a day for 30 days straight!
  • Write everyday for 30 days!
  • Blog everyday!

But this is what I don’t like about these challenges:

We do it against our own free will.

Which means,

We only do these challenges because we think it is ‘good for us’, instead of desiring to do it for the sake of it!

Wu-wei: How to be more productive

First of all, I don’t think you should ever force yourself to write, blog, photograph, make videos, or do anything.

I really love this TaoistZen notion of ‘wu-wei‘; action without action. Which means:

You don’t force yourself to “do” anything. You naturally do actions out of your own freedom, free will, accord– for fun!

For example, I never “force” myself to blog. Yet, I still blog (on average) 2-3 blog posts a day, and I never count my word count. Yet I am sure I probably average 3,000+ words a day.

So this is the irony:

By NOT forcing myself to do something, and by NOT forcing myself to be productive, I am in fact MORE productive!

How you can benefit from blogging

Only blog for yourself. Here are some personal benefits I have gained from blogging:

  1. Thinking: When I am blogging, I am actively thinking. For example when I have a question on my mind, instead of engaging someone else in conversation, I start to engage myself in conversation. I start to write out arguments, counter-arguments, and try to figure out some practical conclusion. This is kind of similar to what Thomas Aquinas did in his book, ‘Summa Theologica‘.
  2. Reflection: Blogging is a fantastic way to reflect. For example when you travel, I encourage you to bring along your laptop, and blog while you’re traveling, while your thoughts are still fresh! Use it as a personal/public diary– to reflect on your experiences, to distill them, and to digest them.
  3. Fame: I think fame is good. By blogging, you will build influence, fame, and a following. When you are more famous, you have more options. You get invited to do interesting things, like talk at conferences, attend events, or get interviewed. But above all, the biggest benefit of being more famous (via your own blog) is that you own the means of communication; you own the pipes, you own the ‘means of publishing’. You aren’t dependent on a middle-man. You don’t have to deal with gate-keepers. You have more freedom, control, and ownership.
  4. Equity: The more you blog, the more you will build the fame of your own name, and the more equity you will build. You build equity in yourself by building your personal notoriety (people know your name), you start to accumulate more followers and eyeballs, and you start to yield the opportunity to sell your services, products, or ideas.
  5. A place to share your artwork: Many of us are visual artists. We like to make visual artwork (photos, videos, illustrations). Of course, we like sharing our work with others! The ultimate place to share your artwork isn’t Instagram, Facebook, etc– the best place to share your own photos and artwork is your own website/blog! This way you will have DIRECT access to your followers, and 100% control how to display your photos and artwork with others.
  6. Fun: Only blog if it is fun for you. I treat blogging like playing. You are playing with words, ideas, and you have the fun challenge of being able to distill your ideas.
  7. Monetization: This ain’t a necessary thing– but if you desire, you can use your blog as a platform to monetize your passion. For example, when I started this blog, I did it for fun, and blogged epic on street photography. I didn’t intend to, but eventually — I was able to make a living from street photography, by teaching workshops, selling products, and advertising/commercial deals.

So much unpaved ground

I am the eternal optimist. I think there is still SO MUCH unpaved ground in blogging!

Currently the internet is all fucked up; Facebook (who owns Instagram) has our balls in a vice. We are slaves to the social media corporations.

Let us rebel. Let us regain the means of production (owning our own blog/website), and let us become our own mini-publishing houses.

Let us be owners, not slaves.

Blog as a means of self-expression, as an existential thing.

Can’t stop, won’t stop!

And what is the #1 tip for blogging?

Never stop blogging.