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Made in the USA

Why am I such a great critic, judge and sociologist of America and American society? Simple: I was born and raised here!

Also as a Korean-American, I have one foot in American society and one foot out which means I can better analyze and critique it than a typical Caucasian American (what some basic people call “white”).

Hybrid-Americans as better critics and judges of American society, especially when they’re born here in the states.

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Anti Phone Photography

Photography is and should be maximally democratic and open for all. Phone photography is great, but ultimately if you got a choice (and the money), RICOH GR III is a far superior choice (perhaps by 100x). Why? Superior ergonomics for Ricoh to turn it on and off, superior ergonomics to hit the shutter, 100x better image quality, sharpness, resolution and aesthetics, and it is only nominally larger than a phone. Also at $899 the Ricoh GR III is still $100 cheaper than a new iPhone Pro!

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Just Own a Few of the Best Things

A thought;

Don’t strive to just continuing to procure shit for the sake of it. No … own a few things (of the apex quality) in order for you to NOT think about these things.

And also:

The game ain’t to keep procuring MORE of the highest quality goods (to no end). No, the purpose of owning the highest quality things is an end in itself; once you have the highest quality goods (or at least 90% good enough in your eyes) then you can take a pause, and STOP.

STOP. This is the goal. Highest quality tools in order to STOP thinking about more capitalistic and consumerist things; in order to NOT think about buying new random shit. To gain a zen-zone with the goods you own in order to focus on your creative thinking and creative production!


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How I Motivate Myself

I am one of the most motivated people I know. How do I do it? Some thoughts:

  1. Go for a walk. Once you walk, *THEN* you get creative ideas. When in doubt, go for a walk.
  2. Music.
  3. Lots of black coffee.
  4. Cold showers
  5. Quick pump: Go to the park and workout, lift weights at home, do body weight exercises at home, or go to the gym and do some heavy ‘one rep max’ deadlifts or squats. To motivate your legs is the best form of motivation. Or in other words, when in doubt, always workout your legs (instead of your upper body). Assuming ‘motivation’ means to ‘move’ (literally to walk and move your legs), then your legs reign supreme.
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American’s Don’t Resent the Rich

When watching the debate between Biden and Trump I realized:

The left (Democrats) often use anti-rich rhetoric to gain support and votes.

But the thing is this:

Americans don’t resent the rich. In fact, Americans *ASPIRE* to become the rich.

What is it that Americans hate? Unfair bailouts of big corporate CEO’s. Americans seem to resent guys who work on Wall Street, but actual billionaires and rich people … Americans *aspire* to become rich, wealthy, and billionaires themselves.