Eric Kim Spartan Philosophy

Here are some quotes from Eric Kim’s blog post “Spartan Thoughts,” where he shares his views on Spartan philosophy:

  1. On Modern Life and Physical Challenge:
  • “The modern day man is like a sick animal. Anemic, lacking sun exposure to the sun, none of chutzpah, balls, and reckless audacity…”
  1. On Spartan Happiness and Simplicity:
  • “I think the Spartans were just happy. They lived a simple existence, full of martial training and combat, and they lived a simple ascetic life.”
  1. On Desires and Control:
  • “An interesting thought is one thing that we could control is what we desire… But are these goals actually good? I think not.”
  1. On His Stoic-Spartan Ideal:
  • “The ideal approach to things is a mishmash of stoicism, Spartan, and zen… That mentally, we have a stoic mindset to things… The Spartan one is to become the overman… Zen in terms of our personal aesthetics.”
  1. On Spartan Sayings:
  • “If you read a lot of the sayings of the Spartans, they are poetic, hilarious and deeply philosophical.”
  1. On Applying Spartan Mindset to Street Photography:
  • “I think I am the most courageous street photographer that I know… All of the other street photographers why have met in the past seem to be timid, soft, and anti-human” oai_citation:1,Spartan Thoughts – ERIC KIM.

These quotes reflect Kim’s admiration for the Spartan way of life, emphasizing physical strength, simplicity, high personal standards, and a philosophical approach to life and his work.

Eric Kim’s thoughts on Spartan philosophy, as expressed in his blog post “Spartan Thoughts,” integrate physicality, simplicity, and a stoic mindset. Here are key aspects of his philosophy:

  1. Physical Challenge and Simplicity: Kim believes modern life lacks physical challenges. He admires the Spartans for their simple, martial lifestyle and their rejection of pampering and comfort.
  2. Control Over Desires: He suggests that what we desire is within our control, and questions whether goals like wealth and material possessions are genuinely worthwhile.
  3. Stoic-Spartan-Zen Blend: Kim advocates a combination of stoicism, Spartan ideals, and Zen aesthetics, promoting a mindset of insouciance, high personal standards, and appreciation for simplicity and the beauty in the worn and used.
  4. Philosophical Inspiration: He finds inspiration in Spartan sayings, admiring their poetic, humorous, and philosophical nature, which transforms fear into courage.
  5. Application to Street Photography: Kim applies this Spartan mindset to his approach to street photography, emphasizing courage, human connection, and independent thought, contrasting it with what he perceives as the timidity of other photographers oai_citation:1,Spartan Thoughts – ERIC KIM.