Becoming Spartan

Better Spartan than Stoic?

1. Reality calls

The first thought is ultimately, reality is supreme. I love stoicism, but my overall critique of stoicism is that it seems a bit divorced from reality. That is, a lot of Stoic thought is theoretical, whereas Spartan thought and practice is more deeply intertwined.

For example, in terms of bodily physique aesthetics, what does a Stoic look like? Nobody knows. But we have a very vivid depiction of what a spartan looks like; just watch the movie 300 on repeat.

2. Who did the ancients respect?

It seems almost universal in history, everybody respects the Spartans. For their courage, their witness, their manliness, etc.

3. Bellum!

What is also very interesting about the Spartans is that they were not positive warmongers. Rather, they were just focused on defense. They didn’t fuck with anybody, and also, they didn’t want to be fucked with.

3. What do you want to become?

What doesn’t a spartan look like? It seems the best way to become spartan is figure out what not to do. What petty actions not to engage in, etc.

4. Paradise is under the valley of swords

All is permitted!

I believe this to be one of the assassins creeds. Apparently this was actually historical fact.

I don’t think of war like a literal war in which you’re dealing with killing people. I am very anti-war. I believe in a metaphorical war; some sort of battle, challenge, conquest, overcoming.

For example, on my road to at atlas lifting over 990 pounds, everyone told me to “be careful”, that I may “hurt myself”, but in fact, that is precisely what makes it interesting; because I could seriously hurt myself, that is what forces me to focus.

On the road to my 990 pound atlas lift, I’ve been going super hard-core on yoga, flexibility, mobility, etc. The heavier I go, the more time I spend slowly preparing, warming up, stretching etc.

Therefore a theory;

The higher the chance of danger, the more glorious it is!

5. Crafting your own philosophy

I think ultimately what is most interesting is having the privilege to craft your own philosophy. Your own school of thought, your own thinking, and simply sharing it with others and propagating it outside.

Th simplest way to do this is simply through your own website and blog.

A simple way you could do this is just register a website and domain with your first and last name

The second is just start your own YouTube channel, and share your own philosophical thoughts.

Third, you could just start a podcast,

6. Now what?

So let us say that you become the uber Spartan, nothing perturbs you, you’re infinitely strong, then what?

Then, I think a good idea is to devote yourself in your life to philosophical thought, and continuing to pave new ideas and propagating it!


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