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If you’re hungry to conquer street photography, I cordially invite you to my insanely epic one day turbocharged CONQUER STREET PHOTOGRAPHY workshop in Philly, October 14th, Saturday, 2023:

Why Philly?

First of all, great coffee. Elixr coffee near City Hall.

Second, I find Philly, a.k.a. Philadelphia a very interesting and unique American city. So much history, and also diversity. And if you have never had cheese whiz on your Philly cheesesteak, you’re missing out.

So close to NYC

From New York City, getting to Philly is super easy. You can probably just jump on the Amtrak train, or even drive, or if you’re from Boston, even drive or fly or Amtrak.

So much left to experience in America

I remember when I was doing an epic road trip through the states, I drove through Philly. I loved it. Also my cousin Holly is from there, and she was able to show me around.

What is so cool about Philly is that it is so accessible, yet it is not really seen as a super critical place to visit.

For myself personally speaking, I had this very very interesting experience meeting a guy named Eric Rivera, smoking a Cuban cigar, apparently Eric is also a philosopher and ex stock trader, who actually even knows Nassim Taleb in real life.

Anyways, I love Philly. I love the parks, the architecture, and how historic it is. Also the people are phenomenal, and it is a truly interesting place to do street photography. If you’re American, you must go at least once.

What will we work on and focus on?

If you’re strapped for time, we can get a lot done in a little bit of time: I have designed this epic one day street photography workshop to turbocharge all of your photo senses:

  1. How to conquer fear and hesitation in street photography
  2. How to deal with negative interactions or responses from people in street photography
  3. Building the courage to shoot directly, without having to shoot from the hip
  4. Learning how to use a flash in street photography, and having the opportunity to practice it, especially in the context of street portraits
  5. How to get closer to your subjects in street photography
  6. Practical and pragmatic lessons from the masters of street photography, without all of the mumbo-jumbo
  7. How to master the technical settings on your camera; if you shoot with a Leica M rangefinder, or Leica Q camera, how to best effectively use zone focusing, manual focusing, or even learning how to shoot layers and deep depth in street photography using auto focus and P program mode.
  8. Knowing when it is intelligent to shoot candidly without permission, and learning when it is a better idea to ask for permission
  9. Master shooting street portraits: the art of charm, self-confidence, and learning how to direct your subjects
  10. How to fulfill your creative potential

Conquer it all

The reason why I love street photography so much is that it is hugely pragmatic in terms of both creating artwork, and also boosting our own self confidence and self-esteem.

How you will benefit from the workshop and post workshop

  1. Increased self confidence and self-esteem
  2. Greater knowledge in terms of the past and history of street photography
  3. Greater courage and chutzpah in shooting street photography
  4. More creative thinking in context of photography and street photography
  5. A huge high: the insanely blissful high of a workshop, both during a workshop and after
  6. New friends! One of the greatest benefits of a workshop is you could both conquer your fears, and also meet new peers! I think in modern day life, the ability to meeting you like-minded people is very difficult, especially after college.
  7. More innovative thinking
  8. More excitement and enthusiasm for your photography
  9. New personal photo projects that you could pursue after the workshop
  10. The chance to join the ERIC KIM street photography ilumiNATTI

Fortune favors the insanely brave

This workshop is unique, because when you register for this workshop, you can bring a friend, colleague, or family member for free! Feel free to bring your partner, your friend, even your kid!

If you want to go solo that is totally cool too.

Invest in your life

It is funny, because we will drop $10,000 on a new Leica M11, or even Leica monochrome, or drop $8000 on a new like a new Leica APO lens, yet we won’t invest in more substantive things, like life experiences, and actually working on our photography?

One of the great things about attending a workshop is that it gives you an excuse to actually work on and practice your photography! I can personally guarantee you that this workshop will allow you to add at least one great photo you’re proud of that you could add to your portfolio!

How to secure your future

The typical tuition for this workshop is $5500 USD. However, if you register before October 1st, 2023 the early bird discount for this workshop is only 999 USD. This also includes bringing your extra person for free!

Typical Tuition Portal

$5500 USD tuition if payment submitted after October 1st, 2023:


Early Bird Discount Portal

You can secure your early-bird tuition for this workshop if you submit in full before October 1st via the link or PayPal Buy Now button below:

Early Bird: 999 USD PAYMENT PORTAL >

The 411 for the workshop

  1. Meeting Spot: Elixr coffee near City Hall, (207 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA)
  2. Time: 11am-4pm
  3. Date: October 14th, Saturday, 2023
  4. Contact email: my workshops manager Lea Chung at

How do I know if my spot is secure?

Once you’ve submitted your full tuition for the workshop, your spot is 100% secure. Prior to the workshop I’ll just send a friendly email, with no critical information, just to create an email chain and say hello!

How to prepare for the workshop

Before the workshop, just prepare your three best photos of all time on your phone or iPad, or feel free to print it out and bring it to the workshop! In the morning, while we are enjoying coffee, we will have a chance to review your portfolio, and get critical feedback on your photos.

I’m insanely pumped!

Life only happens once. Don’t miss your chance.

Jeff Bezos says the best way to live life is via the regret minimization framework. That means, fair to risk something, and die without any regrets on your deathbed

What the hell are you waiting for?

Normal tuition of $5500 USD if paid after October 1st, 2023:

Typical Payment Portal: $5500 USD PAYMENT PORTAL >

Early bird tuition if paid before October 1st, 2023 for only 999 USD:

Early Bird Discount: 999 USD PAYMENT PORTAL >

Insanely excited to (finally) meet you in the flesh!