How to Build Your Self-Esteem

I have insanely high self-esteem. How and why? Some thoughts:


I got it from my momma!

First of all, huge thanks to my mom. If it weren’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I was fortunate enough as a child– my mom never doubted me. Not only that, but most of the time she wasn’t home, which made me the ultimate ‘free range kid’, which allowed me to spread my own wings.

No morality

What holds us back? Ethics and morality. For example, most people in America seem to follow Judeo-Christian humble/meekness morality; even though who are not religious — they follow utilitarian morals and ethics, which are essentially christian. Once again; if you were born and raised in America, most likely you follow some sort of Judeo-Christian-utilitarian morality.

Nothing to prove to nobody but yourself

Another big thing; no need to ‘prove’ anything to anyone but yourself.

Allow yourself to become a vain monster

Another big thing:

Allow yourself to become insanely vain, into yourself, and focused only on yourself.

If you are truly vain, you truly don’t care for the opinion of nobody else but yourself. You are the ultimate judge of yourself. Thus this will augment your self-esteem hugely. Why? Because your self-esteem is not the prisoner of anyone else. You can judge yourself, and you can highly esteem yourself, because you’re the sole judge of yourself!


There is something called ‘dysmorphia’– hating the way your body looks (morphology). Of course if you’re at 40% body fat you’re not gonna like the way your body looks. But for us men, let us strive for 10% body fat, and women 20%. Once you are at this point and not ‘over-fat’, then you are fine.

Workout at home, lift weights, whatever works for you.

Increase the intensity and shoot selfie flex videos or photos to track your progress. Seeing you gain progress and have muscular gains will increase your self-estimate of yourself!

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