This is the workshop we have all been waiting for:

Dear friend, if you’re hungry to become the super stoic, I cordially invite you to my totally brand new and insanely innovative workshop, my INTRODUCTION TO STOICISM WORKSHOP this upcoming December 2, 2023 in Downtown LA:

The idea

The generalized concept is simple; to think through more critically your life path, your life goals, your desired ends and outcomes, and learning practical and philosophical techniques how to get there.

Also, learning both practical and philosophical techniques on conquering fear, hesitation, and overcoming life regrets; whether it be past, present, or future.

Essentially the goal is to upgrade your mind and soul. Imagine like before the workshop your brain is running on windows 95, and after the workshop, your brain is like the newest Apple iOS.

Why am I teaching this workshop?

I have a passion for knowledge, information, and wisdom. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life trying to discover the optimal path to life, and I think I’ve discovered many practical and useful things which can benefit you. My great desire is to distill these things for you, and make it serve you.

Objectives for this workshop

Why attend this workshop, and how will it benefit you?

Some objectives and goals for this workshop:

  1. Greater confidence, courage, and increased chutzpah for life.
  2. Knowledge on the fundamentals of stoicism; distilled for you effectively.
  3. The opportunity for creative ideation; the opportunity and chance for you to finally have the chance and opportunity to think more critically about your life, your life goals and desired ends, practical strategies on how to achieve them.
  4. Philosophical life direction; if you have succeeded in life, but are still seeking something greater and further, this workshop should be a great opportunity for you to unfold, unravel, and advance the meaning of your life.
  5. Conquer fear and hesitation; also, the chance for you to advance beyond certain past life annoyances, traumas, etc.
  6. Creative reimagining ways to approach life! And discovering an innovative new life and lifestyle strategies and approaches.
  7. How to become happy, both happier, and discovering the meaning of happiness.
  8. Are an experience which will transform you, inspire you, and turbo charge you for your desired future.
  9. Fun! An insanely fun experience, which is light hearted, joyful, and great.
  10. Upgrading your soul.

The promise

Soul in the game (Nassim Taleb).

If after this experience you are not 100% transformed uplifted and empowered, just let me know and I will give you either a free credit to a future workshop, or 100% of your tuition and money back. Why? Soul in the game. I have such extreme pride in what I do that I have an imperative to ensure that you have the most phenomenal experience.

Not only that, but you work hard for your money, and money is a sign of pride and values. Therefore I want to respect you and your investment, both in terms of your time and money.

Bet on Yourself

I truly believe that the best investment is in yourself, your mind your abilities, upgrading yourself etc.

Tuition: 6750 USD, only 1999 USD if you submit your tuition before November 2nd, 2023

Normal Portal: 6750 USD Via PayPal here >

Early Bird Discount Portal: 1999 USD via PayPal here >

Limited Futures

This workshop is only limited to 3 intrepid individuals. Hurry up and sign up before all the spots fill!

The 411

  • Date: December 2nd, 2023: Saturday.
  • Time: 11am-4pm
  • Meeting Spot: ilcafe on 855 S Broadway, the same street as the wonderful ACE HOTEL (stay there!)
  • Parking: 840 south hill is a cheap and easy option! Typically $10 USD all day parking.
  • Where to stay? Stay at the 929 S Broadway ACE HOTEL — insanely great! Only around $250 a night — totally worth it!

What to prepare before the workshop

Once you’ve submitted your full tuition for the workshop, your spot is 100% guaranteed. Just show up on the day of the workshop (11am on December 2nd 2023 at ilcafe) with motivation, excitement and an open mind!

About a week prior to the workshop, I will send you a personal email just saying hello!

Before attending the workshop, my suggestion is to just consider and think about your life purpose, your life goals, your creative and artistic goals etc.

Bring along your iPhone, iPad, camera, and a notepad, this experience will transform you!

What will the day look like?

We will spend some time at the coffee shop, getting to know one another, sharing our life goals and paths etc. Also there will be a fun walking around and photography component to things, even Steve Jobs believe that walking was the best way to converse.

Bring your camera, because we will also be making photos! If you want to travel light you could just bring your iPhone or smartphone as well.

How do I know if this workshop is right for me?

Honestly you don’t need a background of anything; all you need is an open mind, curiosity, and passion.

Zero knowledge needed!

Now what?

If you’re marginally curious, I said just submit your tuition for the workshop, and risk it! The best upside is instead of just buying a new camera, MacBook Pro laptop, car, tesla or a Lamborghini, just invest in yourself.

And once again, if you’re not 100% happy with the experience, I’ll just give you your money back!

All upside, no downside!

Secure Your Future Now!

Life only happens once. Don’t miss your chance!

Normal tuition: 6750 USD HERE >

Early Bird Discount (before November 2nd): only 1999 USD HERE >

Insanely pumped to thrive with you!


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